Telemarketing for IT and OT

Gamechanger Corona

Corona has turned our business upside down, especially in the areas of marketing, sales and home offices. Trade fairs and roadshows are giving way to online events, and on-site appointments are being replaced by video calls. Now that IT infrastructures in many places have risen to the occasion, it is safe to assume that this development is irreversible, especially since it also brings potential cost savings. For many companies, home office alternatives seem to no longer be optional but, rather, have become a mandatory realignment of the working environment.

How has this affected telemarketing?

Primarily, two points can be made, although they are sometimes diametrically opposed:


Demand for telemarketing has increased, especially as compensation for presence-based marketing such as trade fairs.


Accessibility has decreased. Getting a senior decision-maker on the phone is definitely easier when he or she is based in the company rather than a home office.

What does this mean for telemarketing campaigns?

  • The days of "phoning off lists and making appointments" are definitely over.
  • More than ever, the success of a campaign is based on project preparation, including verification of data and additional research.
  • Telemarketing projects take at least a third longer than before Covid.
  • Messaging has changed from solution-based to emotion-oriented argumentation.
  • The relevant positions of possible contacts (including various word creations for position names) has expanded.